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Luck Is Something We All Treasure

The so-called gold at the end of a rainbow. Where can we find more of it? We all want to grasp ahold of as much as we can find; absorbing it to spice up our daily grind. Is it in a certain geographic location? South East Asia perhaps? Oh right, luck is at the full moon party in southern Thailand. Must be. Does it come naturally as a state of mind? Quite the mind. Meditate luck. I’m remembering that popular quote on how luck will come when “preparation meets opportunity.” So that means my collection of dried up four leaf clover pickings will come in handy someday. But which day will that be? The Ancient Egyptians believed Amulets bestowed them...

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GO mobile

Do you know about MeMeMe generation? Oh, really, you don’t? Well, sorry to tell you that - but you are part of it. Millennials, or MeMeMe generation, consist of people born between 1980 and 2000. This generation cares only about itself - and that is not a bad thing at all. It cares about being self-sufficient and productive. In Millennials’ world the ability to manage time matters. But being mobile weights the world. Mobile photography develops along with the young generation. And it’s not just about the process of taking pictures, not anymore. In the modern world, it’s about the number of people taking them, it’s about sharing and editing and consuming them. Nowadays anyone who has a good camera on...

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Let`s Catch a Dream, Shall We?

From ancient times people try to find the meaning, the reason and the purpose. Why do they exist on this planet? Are there any other forms of life out in space? What`s the aim of my life? After all, what does that dream I had last night mean? But some people not that lucky to have dreams. Some have nightmares instead. According to Lakota tribe`s legend – there is a solution for everyone, and even more. Long ago when the world was young, one of the tribe`s leaders was on a high mountain. He had a vision there speaking to a spider (which in fact was himself) - on a sacred language only spiritual leaders of Lakota could speak. They...

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When Cupid Strikes

What should you do after losing that one relationship that you truly cherished? Try to move on? Yes, of course, date other people...right? Or is it better to make your feelings clear to your ex? Texting them. Calling them. How much should you fight for your ex that you loved? When is the right time to walk away? Here is a Greek mythological story for the fighters out there. For those of you who didn’t give up. Psyche is one beautiful princess who turns into a goddess because she didn’t stop the search for the one that she loved. Once upon a time, Psyche was born. She was one of three sisters, princesses in the Grecian kingdom. All three sisters...

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Appealing to Kindness

Our planet is a home for a vast variety of creatures. Like neighbors in a multiple dwelling, these creatures must attempt to live together amicably. 

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