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Manifestation of Culture

The culture is closely connected to the time and it varies with the time flow. There are constant standards for sustainable constructions people may implement. On the cultural level, the numerous events promoting heritage, arts and cultural diversity have always been supported by prominent figures since the first day of urban existence. In other words, the right spirit is an inherent diversity of every single element of culture which depends on the places where it arose.  An architect expresses his vision of the world through his buildings that witness each circle of history. This gives us evidence of cultural development at any time, at any place.  Cities have always been a place where differences are more visible comparing to towns...

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Ideating is a Thing

The thinking  An unvarnished idea always comes first and provides a wise measure of vision to set it free. Afterwards goes the engineering of concept and then - the act of conclusion. We draw a line and name all of the above a design. The construct The design is a matter of a capturing necessity from which both subject matter and style are derived. It is a process of striking individualization of the designer's idea that is to be unconventional and always unusual, it is a problem-solving system of accomplishing our needs in every possible and imaginary way. The form By living in the material culture we are used to make a choice by visible, tangible and even olfactory senses,...

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The Beginnings of Trade

The history of exhibitions counts thousands of years. It has been a long, steep and convoluted way to shape and embody the whole conception of the event in its modern form. The root of the current exhibition is fair: three millenniums ago, according to the archeological excavations, merchants from all parts of the world already started to offer their goods on the markets and actively pursued trade. Later on, the European traders adopted the tradition of an organization of such fairs. The medieval fairs were very messy and used to be a place for entertainment rather than for trade. It was an important event for all people, young and old, accompanied by different leisure activities, which were supposed to attract...

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