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Ideating is a Thing

The thinking 

An unvarnished idea always comes first and provides a wise measure of vision to set it free. Afterwards goes the engineering of concept and then - the act of conclusion. We draw a line and name all of the above a design.

The construct

The design is a matter of a capturing necessity from which both subject matter and style are derived. It is a process of striking individualization of the designer's idea that is to be unconventional and always unusual, it is a problem-solving system of accomplishing our needs in every possible and imaginary way.

The form

By living in the material culture we are used to make a choice by visible, tangible and even olfactory senses, so design goes into a large-scale activity to become an architectural instrument of the people's wants. Thus and so we literally are in need of it. The stuff we use to create something is a tool to help our imagination provide a body itself and imbue it with a soul. That thing conveys the unique approach to make up sophisticated things out of common ones and unveil the being of an artist's build.

The thing 

Today design helps to leave behind the daily round and has a capacity to go for everything, but exclusiveness. It is a vista of art, but it is not an art in its pure form. A designer uses art instruments for unity with the audience, for its inspiration and awakening. The aim is to make people's life infeasible without the item and leave an unforgettable impression.

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