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Moon Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Touch the outerspace, feel the texture of the lunar surface twining around your finger. The Tiny Worlds Ring is a story of your own galaxy that you’re...


Algae Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD They say the devil is in the detail. If this is so the design of the Petite Details Ring must be literally bubbling with devilry. But no...


Breed Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Unleash your wild side! Don’t judge, don’t listen to anyone’s opinion, just live this life like you mean it. Let the rough-edged Into The Wild Ring serve...


Wood Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Underneath the trees, hiding in the forest darkness, there live enchanted creatures that read the whisper of the rustling leaves and guard the tales of the farthest...


Petrichor Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD The Petrichor Ring resembles the traces of raindrops on the dusty ground, arousing the memory of fresh earthy scent after a summer rain. Breathe in, put the...


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