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Wood Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD There are things that make life especially beautiful. The state of being in love with yourself — one of the finest among them. The Wood Ring is a...


Yes Please Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Yes Please Ring encapsulates the sweetest form of possession. It’s elegant, bold and eloquent. Is it loud? Yes. Does it look all the more desirable? Yes, please....


Wood Rough Stacking Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Underneath the trees, hiding in the forest darkness, there live enchanted creatures that read the whisper of the rustling leaves and guard the tales of the farthest...


Crater Rough Stacking Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Touch the outerspace, feel the texture of the lunar surface twining around your finger. The Crater stack ring is a story of your own galaxy that you’re yet...


Silver Plain Stacking Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD This elegant minimalistic ring design gives an instant feeling of serenity. Put all worries aside and brighten your day with its refined sparkling. SELECT YOUR STONE Make...


Shell Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Shell Ring is an invitation to a dance, even if it’s a dance in your imagination. Its a jewel like no other that looks like a serpent...

From $260.00

Ply Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD A sensuous femininity concealed under the veil of modesty. The Ply Ring keeps your secrets enclosed in a shape of a rye spike — discreet outside, inherently...

From $260.00

Grit Rough Stacking Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD The Grit Stacking Ring resembles the traces of raindrops on the dusty ground, arousing the memory of fresh earthy scent after a summer rain. Breathe in, put...


Coral Rough Stacking Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD They say the devil is in the detail. If this is so the design of the Coral stack ring must be literally bubbling with devilry. But no...


Liana Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Graceful twigs entwined to shield you from bad luck. The charming elegance of being seductively imperfect. The Multi-Stone Liana Ring is all about the power of being unique....


Coral Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Multi-Stone Unique Coral Ring is happiness incarnated in glistening shanks bubbling with anticipation of something new. It’s a joy of being who you are, doing what you...


Sierra Rough Stacking Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Unleash your wild side! Don’t judge, don’t listen to anyone’s opinion, just live this life like you mean it. Let the rough-edged Sierra stack ring serve as your faithful...


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