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Traveling in Asia, and discovering the precious world of gemstones, two brothers realized their calling. Rara is the culmination of their dream to create something new in jewelry fashion.

Their first gems and stones were collected while visiting mines, deep in the earth, where gems and other semi-precious stones are deposited. They studied gemology and the jeweler’s art to become experts in jewelry manufacturing.

The joy of collecting wearable gems, pearls and semi-precious stones is what rara is all about. Your love for beauty is more than a hobby; it is a lifelong investment in mood, self-confidence and style. It is more than a ring; you become your own jewelry artist by choosing rings with different shapes, shades, stones and settings. You collect rings that create your own look and feeling that is like no one else’s.

Every gemstone in our collection is natural. Each ring custom-made. We call this Unicity. We think we have created something you can fall in love with; jewelry that becomes a part of you, and who you are versus just another “accessory.”

At rara, we are committed to ensuring that all of our diamonds are sourced in a responsible and ethical manner. The unique personality of each stone is enhanced by an exceptional cut, with perfectly aligned and sparkling facets.

Whether your mood is gentle and shy, or strong and ready, your ring collection can reflect your many moods and desires. Our product line will grow with you, and new designs will be sure to satisfy every whim.