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Collecting Memories

The nature of such widespread and at the same time unusual activity as collecting is yet to be determined. The main urges run deep in human consciousness and have profound effects on it. We all remember bagging something in our childhood, from stickers and toys to figurines, coins, etc. We were proud of possessing collectibles which no one else had. Those things magically made us feel second to none. Over time, many of us might have kept that habit, but it has transformed in collecting something more rewarding, expensive or exclusive.

Why does the practice of collecting haunt many people for years or even for the rest of their lives? Is it a passion or an obsession and what is going on behind such a hobby?

There are many reasons for such occupation at a mature age: investments; visual and moral satisfaction; scientific discoveries, etc. We need to figure out the deeper causes of this phenomenon.

It is necessary to recognize that collecting gives a sense of emotional fulfillment. It can be explained by the activities stored in our genetic memory and undertaken by the primitive humans, e.g. hunting: a skilled hunter had a lot of trophies which symbolized his strength and agility and gave him respect. Collecting still gives people a strong sense of self-worth, and like a hunter, the collector searches for items and after he finally gets them he finds pleasure and lasting satisfaction.

People have always felt affection towards things and granted them particular importance. Collecting emerges from hidden desires and mercenary motives. According to Walter Benjamin, ‘Ownership is the most intimate relationship one can have to objects.’ This quote lifts the veil of secrecy from the psychological reasons for accumulating. Indeed, people usually get attached to inanimate objects. It happens because we all are emotional creatures, to a varying degree. Authentic collectors have intrinsic reasons for what they do because they have an inner connection with the objects. This connection adds value to collectible items, and such value is more important than money.

Collecting appears to be an instrument of self-esteem recognition through the process itself. Through collecting, we explore the world and get an additional education, which encourages us to dredge the depths. Thus, we bring out some personal ideas making them real.

After all, it does not matter which items you collect - the key point is that every little thing is a memory and memory is an emotion. People have always been addicted to their memories. We try to keep the best moments of our lives in mind, trying not to miss a detail of joy we felt in the past. In our saddest minutes, we get back to the days when we were happy. 

Memorable things give inspiration which is necessary to live a Life and put yourself back together piece by little piece when you have lost your sense of purpose.

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