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Expression of Success

Nowadays, branding is a high-priority topic to be considered. Branding in its authentic character is deeply tapped into the popularity and estimation of consumerism. The features are confined in controlling positions, which determine a brand value and brand purpose.  Reality sets the conditions and terms for a brand to grow. A well-known brand has the goodwill of the customers. This implies a dialogue with consumers. Public relations are the key element of the modern definition of branding. A branded person may also become a useful instrument of appealing to people and attracting their attention. The reputation of a brand creator can make the brand successful. A branded person is the image visually expressed through the brand and can maintain a...

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Collecting Memories

The nature of such widespread and at the same time unusual activity as collecting is yet to be determined. The main urges run deep in human consciousness and have profound effects on it. We all remember bagging something in our childhood, from stickers and toys to figurines, coins, etc. We were proud of possessing collectibles which no one else had. Those things magically made us feel second to none. Over time, many of us might have kept that habit, but it has transformed in collecting something more rewarding, expensive or exclusive. Why does the practice of collecting haunt many people for years or even for the rest of their lives? Is it a passion or an obsession and what is...

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The Dressing of the Identity

Human individuality is a complicated and brittle material formed by many processes which significantly influence it. In psychology, the problem of identity is explained as the complex linkage between consistent personality and its habits, interests, motives, worries, experience and other characteristics. The process of creating individuals as self-sustaining people starts when a person is born: infants demonstrate their personal identities and own perception of the world from the first days of their lives. Personality is determined by parental care and public education, and these two factors strongly affect it during the whole life. Public opinion and parental treatment can raise a confident personality or harm and ruin it. Sometimes the scope of adverse effects and problems is much broader than...

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