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The Dressing of the Identity

Human individuality is a complicated and brittle material formed by many processes which significantly influence it. In psychology, the problem of identity is explained as the complex linkage between consistent personality and its habits, interests, motives, worries, experience and other characteristics.

The process of creating individuals as self-sustaining people starts when a person is born: infants demonstrate their personal identities and own perception of the world from the first days of their lives.

Personality is determined by parental care and public education, and these two factors strongly affect it during the whole life. Public opinion and parental treatment can raise a confident personality or harm and ruin it. Sometimes the scope of adverse effects and problems is much broader than it is possible to solve without the help of the specialists.

Psychologists say that the adolescence is the critical period when a person's individuality is changing and acquiring the features which are attuned to the requirements of the human conditions. It is the time when the core values, patterns of behavior in different surroundings and overall outlook are formed.

All these create preferences, fancies and attitudes of a person. It is easy to guess the taste and interests of an individual according to one’s appearance.  But the psychology of a person is a far more complicated topic to understand.

We live in the age of transformations and our ego changes more rapidly than previously assumed. So, as time goes by, our attitude to the world around is changing according to our experience. The self-expression plays a significant role in defining our place in society, which, in turn, must accept and be loyal to every individual and help them become integral personalities.

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