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When Cupid Strikes

What should you do after losing that one relationship that you truly cherished? Try to move on? Yes, of course, date other people...right? Or is it better to make your feelings clear to your ex? Texting them. Calling them. How much should you fight for your ex that you loved? When is the right time to walk away? Here is a Greek mythological story for the fighters out there. For those of you who didn’t give up. Psyche is one beautiful princess who turns into a goddess because she didn’t stop the search for the one that she loved.

Once upon a time, Psyche was born. She was one of three sisters, princesses in the Grecian kingdom. All three sisters were beautiful, but Psyche was the most beautiful and Venus was jealous of her. See, Venus, the goddess of love, full of beauty and sexuality was used to getting a lot of attention from others. Psyche was unintentionally taking it all from her. So Venus asked her son Cupid to shoot an arrow at Psyche to make her fall in love with a monster. However, Cupid saw her and he was so astounded by her beauty that he pricked himself instead and fell in love with her.  

Now, Psyche’s parents heard from an oracle that she was destined to marry a monster, so they left her on a mountain. The wind then took her to a magical palace where she met her husband who told her that he would only visit her by night. Psyche became so curious about who she was married to so one night she took a lamp to see his face up close. It was Cupid! She dripped wax on him and he abruptly vanished into thin air.

Psyche missed her husband and set out to figure where her lost love had disappeared. She roamed around and eventually bumped into Venus.  Venus was still jealous and made Psyche complete a full list of difficult tasks. But Psyche finished them one after another. Cupid then found out what was going on and asked Jupiter to order Venus to stop. Psyche was made into a goddess and the two of them lived happily ever after.

Psyche fought, and it worked out.  

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