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Let`s Catch a Dream, Shall We?

From ancient times people try to find the meaning, the reason and the purpose. Why do they exist on this planet? Are there any other forms of life out in space? What`s the aim of my life? After all, what does that dream I had last night mean?

But some people not that lucky to have dreams. Some have nightmares instead. According to Lakota tribe`s legend – there is a solution for everyone, and even more.

Long ago when the world was young, one of the tribe`s leaders was on a high mountain. He had a vision there speaking to a spider (which in fact was himself) - on a sacred language only spiritual leaders of Lakota could speak. They were talking about the circles of life – how a man starts it as an infant, goes through childhood and adulthood, and finishes life, needing help just as much as an infant. Therefore, he completes the circle.

During the talk spider collected feathers from the man`s hat, some gems from the ground and started weaving the web – from the outside working towards the center and leaving there a tiny hole. After finishing his monolog, the spider said: “If you believe in Great Spirit, the web will catch your good ideas, - and the bad ones will go through the hole.” Since this story has happened, there are dream catchers above each bed in Native Americans` tribes.

Time flies by, but the spiritual aspect stays in their culture. Indians use four gems to represent the four directions. It varies on one`s personality which gemstones to choose, but turquoise is almost always among them. Recently, dream catcher-styled jewelry has become more prominent in everyday fashion. Often it`s made of silver and decorated with tiny turquoise chips beads or semi-precious metal feathers.

But what would be your choice? Would you give it any spiritual meaning? Or would you simply prefer using dream catchers as jewelry?

There’s only one you. Be the one to stand out.