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Luck Is Something We All Treasure

The so-called gold at the end of a rainbow. Where can we find more of it? We all want to grasp ahold of as much as we can find; absorbing it to spice up our daily grind. Is it in a certain geographic location? South East Asia perhaps? Oh right, luck is at the full moon party in southern Thailand. Must be. Does it come naturally as a state of mind? Quite the mind. Meditate luck. I’m remembering that popular quote on how luck will come when “preparation meets opportunity.” So that means my collection of dried up four leaf clover pickings will come in handy someday. But which day will that be?

The Ancient Egyptians believed Amulets bestowed them luck and protection. They are small objects that one would wear or carry around. Some amulets were made for the living and others were made to adorn a mummified body in a coffin. Both styles were made from a variety of stones, glass, gold, and faience. Color choice was important.

The shape of an amulet gave it meaning. Some were shaped like animals, hieroglyphic symbols or gods. They were lucky and powerful! My favorite and most frequently used shape is the Ankh which symbolizes physical and eternal life, immortality and reincarnation.  The loop at the top represented a mouth of a fish which metaphorically thrives in water and thus symbolizing thriving life for Ancient Egyptians along the Nile. Most ankh amulets were blue connoting the heavens and therefore the universe.

Lucky symbols are popular worldwide and are found in many forms. In blue ankh amulets and green four-leaf clovers. Do you find luck in an object or in a state of mind? Is luck an accident or is it created intentionally? When good or bad luck has entered your life, what do you do with it? Can good luck inspire you to find more? How can I give more luck to my friends and family?

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