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Yoga x You

Yoga is known to be one of the most special pieces of knowledge and practices on Earth. It was formed under certain cultural circumstances and has made a great contribution to the people's lifestyles. It is worth questioning why catching on the importance of this discipline is crucial. Why does the meaning of spiritual and physical conjunction in it give an ability to exist in the present moment? Furthermore, there are more specific aspects which can explain widespread popularity and arise interest in this topic.

Traditionally, yoga is defined as "skill in action", as "the restraint of the fluctuation of the mind". To understand this complicated science, we interviewed our yoga expert - Rachel Scott, who is a teacher and a practicing yogi. She gave us some hints on the way of getting through the nature of this distinctive science.

People are drawn to yoga by the virtue of the fact that it backs to the basics. It is not as easy as falling off a log to grasp the literal sense and for all. Let us call a spade a spade: yoga is not an intellectual discipline - it is the experimental one. It can be understood only through practice. You are not bound to know the ropes of the asana practice, there are many kinds of yoga outside of it, but the physical poses are actually just tools to help you to do the real work which aims to quiet your mind, to loosen up. If you raise your sights and are ready to change the scenery of everyday life, yoga will help you to open up.

Rachel says the meditation is yoga, chanting is yoga, devotion is yoga. And every element of the practice relates to what your body needs and what your mind wants. There is a physical practice for everything. Every time the purpose should be the same: slow down, get present and move past the mind chatter. That is the point.

Our point is to get through the physical level and sort out the immaterial aspects of the practice, which are also yogic tools. In ancient times, many cultures attached to the importance of gems and precious stones for many reasons. Some believed they had magical powers, the others believed that they had the healing features. In general, speaking of this subject, we should realize the special role of gems in culture and in the light of the specific character of the modern world.

There are a lot of Vedic texts, dating far ago, where gems and precious stones are mentioned and carried out to life. They intend to reveal the consciousness of the individuals by the way people use and explore their characteristics. Nowadays, we consider gems to be not just fashion attributes but things with their significant meaning. We are exploring the gem essence for yogis from a cultural, noetic and practical point. Both yoga and gems are sources of energy and help people to clear their souls and minds. We truly believe it does matter for everyone, who is interested and wants to seize the sense of yoga.

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