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Stackable rings to color your day

We’ve started Rara with the goal of making your ideal everyday rings. Rings designed for the way you live your life:

Bright, Wild and Uncompromising.

Endless colors, gems and patterns mix.

Our top picks.

Plain Ring

Regular price $80

A refreshing combination of silver and gemstones, this piece is a perfect staple for your ring arsenal.

Rough Ring

Regular price $180

Nature-inspired forms and ethically sourced gemstones create a playful texture.

Ocean Eyes

Regular price $980

Brighter than the ocean on a sunny day.

World-class craftsmanship

We source the finest metals and partner with world-renowned artisans that do it the right way.

Ethical labor

Natural, conflict-free gemstones from all around the globe.

Amateur price

We don’t work with retailers or 3rd party sellers, so we’re able to keep our prices lower than our competitors.

Stackable rings. Reimagined.

Our rings are meant to experimented with. Each gem is thoughtfully created and set at an angle, so go crazy and stack ‘em up.


Welcome to Rara

Rara brings something that was not available before: personal touch to every single detail. We believe in power of gemstones and their ability to bring happiness. Our limited drops mark the new path for jewelry industry and the way people buy personal gifts.

We design our rings using non-conflict gemstones with premium materials chosen to be resilient and beautiful.

Brilliant gems as bright as a rainbow.

Traveling all around the world, we strive to find the best non-conflict gemstones to deliver directly to you, carat after carat.


What our fans are saying

Absolutely in love with them. The stones shine well, and the texture of the ring itself catches light, too! Highly recommended as a gift to your partner.

Anisha M.

Perfect everyday piece of jewelry. I haven't taken them of since I got them. It still looks the same as the day I received them in the mail. Love Rara rings, it's all I wear.

Kristina N.

The best stackable rings! I'm getting a lot of good compliments with them. I'm definitely buying more, waiting for the new pieces to come.

Jess K.

Natural remedies that bring you that #hastag