Inspired by You


Emilio Rara is a unique concept where stones and art merge to express the essence of life, sexuality, luxury and beauty. Our jewelry is inspired by all the beautiful colors, shapes, and textures found in nature.

We love the creative process of combining different colored gemstones, metal components to create unique and elegant designs.


Earth-Friendly Practices

We specialize in handcrafted jewelry, using one of a kind natural gemstones, pearls and raw stones fashioned into handmade jewelry for everyday wear or special evening out. Therefore, each product is custom-made and unique, just as the stones we used.


Stellar Culture and Products

All our designers, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, grew up together as artists in Emilio Rara.

Giving Back

Whether mining sapphires in Sri Lankas` jungles, diving off the coast of Mallorca for pearl or polishing the ring with love, these guys’ joint experience runs deep. They inspire one another to explore their passion, whether through Art, Music, Travel or Fashion.