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Absolutely Flawless Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD There are things that make life especially beautiful. The state of being in love with yourself — one of the finest among them. The Absolutely Flawless Ring...


Passionate Embrace Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Graceful twigs entwined to shield you from bad luck. The charming elegance of being seductively imperfect. The Passionate Embrace Ring is all about the power of being...


Joy Is Contagious Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Joy Is Contagious Ring is happiness incarnated in glistening shanks bubbling with anticipation of something new. It’s a joy of being who you are, doing what you...


Flakes of Fire Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Inspired by one of our favorite gritted shank textures, we created the Flakes of Fire Ring. It’s a memento of the starry summer nights near the bonfire,...


Fiercely Calm Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD The Fiercely Calm Ring is a poem to the boiling lava, dangerous yet inviting to touch. It’s a fusion of metal and gems that embodies the explosive...


Firebird Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD An outburst of feelings, an innate charm of a powerful personality, a flamboyance that suits your vibrant persona. The Firebird Ring with its unordinary shank design decorated...


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