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Crater Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD An outburst of feelings, an innate charm of a powerful personality, a flamboyance that suits your vibrant persona. The Multi-Stone Crater Ring with its unordinary shank design...


Wood Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD There are things that make life especially beautiful. The state of being in love with yourself — one of the finest among them. The Wood Ring is a...


Shell Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Shell Ring is an invitation to a dance, even if it’s a dance in your imagination. Its a jewel like no other that looks like a serpent...

From $260.00

Ply Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD A sensuous femininity concealed under the veil of modesty. The Ply Ring keeps your secrets enclosed in a shape of a rye spike — discreet outside, inherently...

From $260.00

Liana Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Graceful twigs entwined to shield you from bad luck. The charming elegance of being seductively imperfect. The Multi-Stone Liana Ring is all about the power of being unique....


Coral Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Multi-Stone Unique Coral Ring is happiness incarnated in glistening shanks bubbling with anticipation of something new. It’s a joy of being who you are, doing what you...


Grit Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD Inspired by one of our favorite gritted shank textures, we created the Grit Multi-Stone Ring. It’s a memento of the starry summer nights near the bonfire, loud...


Sierra Unique Ring

CHOOSE YOUR MOOD The Multi-Stone Sierra Ring is a poem to the boiling lava, dangerous yet inviting to touch. It’s a fusion of metal and gems that embodies the explosive...


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