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Who We Are



Rara is a jewelry brand established in 2015 by two brothers Valentine and Val Wikstrem
It started, when they’ve been traveling in Asia and discovered the precious world of gemstones. They realized that it was a calling at that stage of life to try something new. And they did.

Val became extremely enthusiastic about stones that has seen on the mines, so started to collect them with a single aim. Just as his brother Valentine felt the similar vibes and took actions to become a jeweler learning everything he might need about gemology and Jeweller’s art.

The idea of collecting is intended for Rara as well. It is more than a hobby, it is a lifelong investment in mood, in feelings. It is more than jewelry. You have that unique opportunity to become an artist by choosing rings with different shapes, forms and gemstones. You can mix all rings. You can create own set and collection.

All gemstones are natural. Each ring is custom-made, that is what we call unicity. 
The purest intention was to create something you can fall in love with. To create an appurtenance, not just another accessory.

You can choose from Plain whether Rough collections now, though in the nearest future our product line is about growing and proposing designs to satisfy every whim of those who decided to go for Rara.